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1. Renter requirements

The majority of car rental companies offer car rental services to renters who are over 21 and less than 75 years of age. However, different companies have different terms. Therefore it is important to enter correct age of the primary renter. In this case Car Traveler Ltd search engine will offer only those options that apply to you.
1.1 Driver Licence Requirements
For international travelers we recommend to have a driving license issued by the country of residence and international driver permit.
1.2 Documents required to pick up the car
At the pick-up location, the renter must present a valid driving license and credit card, issued in the name of the driver. In some cases passport and airplane ticket can be required.

2. Vehicle early return

A renter can return the vehicle early. However, unused days are not refunded.

3. Violations during rental period and penalties after rental period

The vehicle renter is responsible for violations committed during the rental period.
There are various violations that Car Traveler Ltd. partners can fine you for, after the rental period is over.
The renter can be fined for the following:
– return of a vehicle with an empty fuel tank, except for some car rental companies
– traffic violations
– parking violations
– vehicle is dirty
– smoking in the vehicle
– unpaid toll roads
– return the car with a delay of more than one hour
– vehicle is damaged
To avoid such penalties, read the rental car agreement carefully and inspect the vehicle for damages upon receipt.
3.1 Inspect the condition of your rental car
To avoid any problems carefully inspect the vehicle for various damages before you leave the rental location. If you notice even a slightest dent or scratch, immediately report it to your rental agent. Otherwise a charge can be imposed on you after the rental period.
3.2 Loss of Car Keys or Documents
Car rental agency has the right to charge you an administrative fee for the loss of car keys or documents. If you fail to return car keys in case of car theft, an insurance company does not cover the damage. Consequently, the renter will bear full responsibility. Please, BE CAREFUL!
3.3 Fuel Policy
Make sure that your rented vehicle fuel tank is full. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as received. If the renter returns the car with an empty or half-empty gas tank, it may be fined according to the rates the provider. Except for some car rental companies, where the car comes back with an empty fuel tank. If you have any questions, more information can be obtained from our operators, writing to us via e-mail:

Ask Car Traveler Ltd agents for more information at Car Traveler Ltd company websites.

4. Flight details

Flight details include the following:
1. Flight number (mandatory)
2. Flight company (if requested)
3. Time of arrival (if requested)

For reservations at the airport it is necessary to provide your flight details. It is required for the car rental company to follow your flight status in case of flight delay or cancellation. For some companies this is a mandatory requirement. To avoid charges for late pick-up or non-collection, if you know in advance that you flight is delayed or cancelled, please, immediately inform Car Traveler Ltd by emailing to

5. One-way rental

With some rental companies you can pick up a car at one location and return it to another. Usually this type of service is expensive. If the distance between rental stations is long enough, the drop off charge can exceed the entire rental price.
For more information on one-way rental option availability in a particular country or city different from the pick-up location, consult at Car Traveler Ltd company websites.

6. Making a reservation

Making a reservation at the Car Traveler Ltd company websites , you have to accept Car Traveler Terms & Conditions. When the payment for the reservation is received, our company requests the selected class vehicle from our supplier. Car Traveler undertakes to confirm or decline the reservation within 72 hours, on the basis of the availability of the requested service at the supplier’s company.
In case of refusal of reservation, paid amount of money is fully refunded to the customer.

7. Extending a reservation

In order to extend an upcoming or current reservation, please notify, at least 48 hours before originally scheduled return date, Car Traveler by  e-mail:
If the renter is unable to do so, local car rental company must be notified at least 48 hours before originally scheduled return date. In this case, however, Car Traveler cannot guarantee that rental costs, terms and conditions for the period of extension remain the same as those of the pre-order on our websites.

8. Cancelling a reservation

Cancelling of a confirmed reservation should be treated very seriously. Reservation cancellations are accepted only in writing. Cancellation request must contain renter’s and order data, and reasons for cancellation.
If the renter fails to inform Car Traveler employees about cancellation of a reservation and fails to arrive to the pick-up location, the renter is charged an amount equal to 100% of reservation value.
Cancellation requests must be sent by e-mail:, at least 72 hours prior to the originally scheduled pick-up date. After receiving cancellation confirmation, paid amount of money is fully refunded.
If the renter cancels a reservation less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, the renter may be charged penalties up to total amount of the reservation. These sanctions are applied to compensate for losses incurred by the local car rental company.
In case of any misunderstanding, please contact our operators by e-mail:
8.1 «Cancel Protection»
Cancel Protection gives you an opportunity to cancel your booking at no Cancellation Fee up to 24 hours prior to pick up.
Option is valid from the moment you’ve purchased it up to 24 hours before pick up. If you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before pick up you will get full refund of down payment except for the cost of Cancel Protection.
«Cancel Protection» is not valid:

  • f you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before pick up or after the rental period has already started.
  • If you cancel your booking because some of required documents (e.g. passport, driving license, credit card etc.) are missing or are not valid at the moment of executing a rental agreement on-site.

9. Modifying a reservation

Reservation modifications can be requested in writing by e-mail
Modifications requested at least 48 hours before the start of the rental period, are free of charge. Modifications requested in less than 48 hours before the start of the rental period are charged with a fee in the amount of EUR 20.
We strongly recommend to carefully check modification details in your reservation.

10. Voucher

Voucher is a document that confirms renter’s reservation. Voucher issued by Car Traveler upon reservation confirmation, must be provided when picking up the car.
Voucher is sent to the renter’s e-mail only after the reservation is confirmed.
In case of cancellation, the voucher is void.
To receive a vehicle of the reserved class at the price indicated at our website, the renter must provide a voucher to the local car rental company. Local car rental company is obliged to accept renter’s voucher and provide the renter with the vehicle of the specified class. If the renter fails to provide a voucher when picking up the vehicle, Car Traveler cannot guarantee the vehicle of the reserved class is provided at the price indicated at our website.

12. Crossing borders

If the client is going to cross the borders of the host country in a rented vehicle, this intention must be reported
– in writing, indicating the borders of the countries
– as additional comment when making a reservation on our website
– writing by e-mail

13. 24/7 roadside assistance

24/7 roadside assistance is included into each vehicle rental costs. If you have problems with the vehicle, please immediately contact local car rental company at the numbers listed in the voucher.

14. Class and model of the vehicle

When ordering a car rental from Car Traveler Ltd company websites, Car Traveler guarantees the clients only the class of the reserved vehicle. Car Traveler cannot guarantee a specific vehicle model and fuel type. Vehicle brand name specified in the voucher is displayed for information purposes only.
In any case, local car rental company is obliged to provide the renter with a vehicle of the same class as specified in the voucher received upon reservation on Car Traveler websites.

15. Additional services

Car Traveler provides an option to reserve additional services offered by local car rental companies. Payment for these services occurs during pick-up at the rental location.
Additional services include the following options:
– GPS navigation system
– child safety seat
– winter tyres
– ski rack, etc.

16. Additional driver fee

Only the drivers specified in the rental agreement are authorised to drive the rented vehicle. Only the person whose name is entered during reservation on Car Traveler Ltd companywebsites, can enter into the rental agreement. All local car rental companies allow to specify additional drivers in the rental agreement. Majority of the local car rental companies charge for this type of service. Car Traveler provides an opportunity to book this service as an additional option while making a reservation.

17. Car rental terms and conditions from the Car Rental Agency

Car rent terms and conditions are under the jurisdiction of a local car rental company in the country where the car is rented. Car rental companies, Car Traveler partners, operate in accordance with the standard international requirements.

18. Payment for the rental services

When reserving a vehicle at Car Traveler websites, renter pays a deposit which guarantees availability of the reserved vehicle class at the specified time and location.
The amount of money to be paid when receiving the vehicle consists of the rental costs, additional options selected by the client, and security deposit.
Security deposit is set by an insurance company and depends on the class of the rented vehicle.
Security deposit is paid in case of an insurance incident or breach of the rental agreement terms by the renter. If during the rental period the renter commits no offences, security deposit is refunded in full after the end of the rental period within 14-30 working days.
Renters can repay security deposit by buying a super-insurance.
Please specify the amount of security deposit by contacting our operators.
In the event of an accident that the guarantee was valid, the client needs to fill in documentation and register the accident to the police and inform the rental company immediately.
Security deposit is reserved on the renter’s credit card but sometimes can be paid in cash.

Payment method

Our website accepts standard international credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, AmericanExpress.
Local car rental companies accept standard international credit cards such as: AmericanExpress, MasterCard, Visa.
Some rental companies require to present two credit cards to high-class cars.

Payment Currency

All prices on our website are in euro (EUR) since this is the main currency in the euro zone.  In other countries, payment currency is set by the local car rental companies. Most often it is the national currency of the country in which the rental car company is located.
All payments executed in the national currency are converted according to the local currency exchange rate. Car Traveler is not responsible for the exchange rate.

19. Complaints and their resolution

All complaints and claims relating to the services provided by Car Traveler or a local car rental company, are accepted within 10 days after the end of the rental period only in writing by e-mail: Claims made after 10 days after the end of the rental period will be dismissed.
If the renter’s claim is directed against a local car rental company, Car Traveler shall inform the recipient within 10 days after the complaint receipt and provide a response to the renter within 30 days after the complaint receipt.
More information about car rental terms and conditions can be obtained from Car Traveler operators.

If you have problems getting the car out in paragraph, you should contact our operators to ascertain the circumstances.

By following these simple rules, you can avoid misunderstandings and disputes when hiring a car. Enjoy travelling by car in Europe and the rest of the world and be careful on the roads!

We wish you a pleasant journey!

Car Traveler team.

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