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National Car Rental – cheap car rental offers
National Car Rental In 1987, National launched the Emerald Club, aimed at speeding up transactions for frequent business and leisure travelers. A basic membership keeps the member’s driver licence and credit card information stored so that their contract can be printed before they arrive at the rental location. More frequent renters can earn Executive and Executive Elite status which carry enhanced benefits. Emerald Club’s top-tier status, Executive VIP, is an invitation-only status reserved for the company’s top revenue customers. All members can choose to earn credits each time they rent that can redeemed for free rental days. At some US and Canadian locations, members bypass the rental counter and proceed directly to the rental lot, where they can choose their own car. Emerald Club members who reserve a mid-size car are directed to the Emerald Aisle, where they are allowed to choose any designated car (including upgraded classes), all at the mid-size rate reserved. Executive and Executive Elite members are directed to the Executive Selection lot, where they can choose from full-size or higher class cars for the price of a mid-size, thus guaranteeing at least a one-class free upgrade. Member who reserve other classes (i.e. SUVs, minivans) choose from a row of their reserved class in the Emerald Reserve section.

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