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Hertz The Hertz CorporationIn 1954, the new corporation bought New York truck leasing company, Metropolitan Distributors.In 1967, The Hertz Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of RCA but was operated as a separate entity. In 1985, Hertz joined UAL Corporation. On December 30, 1987, Hertz was sold to 'Park Ridge Corporation', which was then owned by Ford Motor Company and members of Hertz senior management.

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Hertz discount car rental

Car Rental Florida Hertz Florida $27/Day

Car Rental France Hertz Hawaii $35/Day

Car Rental Canada Hertz California $27/Day

Car Rental Australia Hertz New York $41/Day

Car Rental Italy Hertz Texas $30/Day

Car Rental Greece Hertz Denver $29/Day

Great supplier with reliable stuff. I book from this website for a second time and didn't had any BIG issues. In case if ya'll have any questions - customer care are alwaysthere to help you. Hertz Car Rental
4.9 / 5
Hertz Car Hire In case if you need economy car rental I definitely recommend this website due it usability and security. Never had any problems with this broker. Beatrise Longside Hertz Car Rental
4.7 / 5

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